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New rules: playing a new startup game

We’re in a challenging macro environment. With falling valuations, layoffs and a skewed path to profitability ahead, how are startups playing their cards in the current climate? As founders shift focus from growth at all costs back to business basics, what are the new measures of success? Will VCs ever drop that dry powder? What are the bubbling macro trends shaping Europe’s tech landscape? And as optimism creeps back — what is next for Europe’s startups?

Taavet Hinrikus, Founder, Wise, and cofounder, Plural
Mike Turner, Partner, Latham & Watkins
Tessa Clarke, Cofounder and CEO, Olio
Eileen Burbidge, Partner, Passion Capital, and exec director, Fertifa
John Thornhill, Founder and editorial director, Sifted

Sifted Summit: Interview with Sujata Bhatia

Sujata Bhatia, Chief operating officer, Monzo, in conversation with Amy O’Brien, Reporter, Sifted.

Sifted Summit: Interview with Arthur Mensch

Arthur Mensch, Cofounder and CEO, Mistral, in conversation with Tim Smith, Senior reporter, Sifted.

Sifted Summit: Interview with Hayden Wood

Hayden Wood, Founder, in conversation with Freya Pratty, Senior reporter, Sifted.

Ultra-intelligent machines: a threat to society or the next big opportunity?

With the ecosystem amazed and terrified in equal measure by generative AI, how will markets and businesses be affected by a new wave of digital disruption? Will EU regulation make the ecosystem fall behind its Asian and American counterparts, or do we need greater checks and balances?

Joel Hellermark, Founder, Sana
Raj Khaira, Cofounder and chief operating officer, AutogenAI
Marcin Hejka, General partner and cofounder, OTB Ventures
Fabio Davide, Technical director, Vention
Tim Smith, Senior reporter, Sifted

Sifted Summit: Interview with Dimple Patel

Dimple Patel, ex CEO, Trouva, in conversation with Anisah Osman Britton, Startup Life reporter, Sifted.

Regulation over innovation: will Europe’s dream of tech sovereignty become reality?

Europe is lagging behind the US and China in creating groundbreaking tech companies. But why? Policymakers don’t want to miss out on the AI and deeptech waves, but is it already too late? Has excessive regulation stunted startup growth?

Lars Frolund, Board member, European Innovation Council
Arthur Jordão, Executive director, Europe Startup Nations Alliance
Sylvain Rouri, Chief sales officer, OVH Cloud
Zosia Wanat, CEE correspondent, Sifted

New rules for financial leadership: preparing for sustained growth

The days of VC-backed hypergrowth are over, and founders are realising the importance of strong financial leadership. Is your finance department fit for growth? What tactics are top CFOs putting into place? And what should you really expect from your CFO?

Isabelle Toledano-Koutsouris, Chief financial officer, Ÿnsect
Mikko Salovaara, CFO, Bolt
Charlie Walker, Founder, Harmonic Finance
Thorbjørn Fink, Chief operating officer, Pleo
Tom Wolfenden, Chief financial officer, HSBC Innovation Banking UK
Eleanor Warnock, Deputy editor, Sifted

The American Dream: the how and when of scalin’ USA

Despite the challenging economic landscape, international growth is still there for the taking. What are the internal and external hurdles? What does it really take to power your business across the Atlantic? 

Louise Hill, Cofounder and COO, GoHenry
Thomas Holl, Chief technology officer and founder, Babbel
Joaquín Cuenca Abela, CEO and cofounder, Freepik
Zosia Wanat, CEE correspondent, Sifted

Sifted Summit: Interview with John Collison

John Collison, Cofounder and president, Stripe in conversation with Matt Clifford, Cofounder and CEO, Entrepreneur First and Chair, ARIA.

Americans in Europe: making waves across the pond

Some of the US's biggest VC firms have pitched their flags in Europe in the last few years, enticed by the opportunities in one of the world’s liveliest startup scenes. But what does it mean for those who were already here? What are the US giants looking for? What's really hot in European tech?

Alex Ferrara, Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners
Magnus Karnehm, Principal, Left Lane Capital
Suzanne Ashman, General Partner, LocalGlobe 
Ritika Pai, Principal, ICONIQ Growth 
Amy Lewin, Editor, Sifted

Navigating the funding landscape: is this the end of the slowdown?

The ecosystem is starting to think about how to prepare for when the slowdown ends. Is it time to get ahead of the competition and start investing in growth again? If so - where should you start looking for that next funding injection? From CVC to PE - who has new money to spend? Where could your next big raise come from?

Deepka Rana, Principal, Northzone
Lina Zakarauskaite, Partner, Stride.VC
Deirdre McGettrick, Cofounder and CEO,
Shing Lo, Partner, Latham & Watkins
Amy Lewin, Editor, Sifted


Scaling sensibly: balancing profit vs values

We’ve seen startups across Europe scale at speed — and face major repercussions as a result. If scaling is next on your business agenda you have to ask if your expansion plans align with your core values. What have we learned from scaling too fast?

Tim Chong, Founder and CEO, Yonder
Alexandre Mars, CEO, Epic Foundation, and Founder and CEO, Blisce
Alice Albizzati, Founding partner, Revaia
Halit Develioglu, Founder and CEO, OPLOG
Iana Dimitrova, CEO, OpenPayd
Eleanor Warnock, Deputy editor, Sifted

The next human agenda: investing in a positive future

Meet the man on a mission to improve quality of life and increase our life expectancy by decades.

Christian Angermayer, Founder, Apeiron Investment Group, in conversation with Mimi Billing, Senior reporter, Sifted.

Beyond ‘growth for growth’s sake’: diversifying away from VC

Yes, you might get a huge funding round, but will it come at the cost of your goals and values? If you’re looking for a non-VC cash injection for the next stage of your startup, what are the sources and strategies to pursue?

Henrik Landgren, Cofounder and Chief Product and Technology Officer, ArK Kapital
Jack Stenson, Head of startup scouting – Europe, Etc. at BT Group
Gemma Bloemen, Principal, Creandum
Zosia Wanat, Senior reporter, Sifted

The IPO waiting game: choosing the right path

With public and private valuations down, the end of the startup lifecycle can be a lot more interesting. IPO is an option, but what other primary capital raising solutions exist, that can satisfy the growth capital also associated with an IPO, but remain private? As the funding continuum develops and new ways to access capital arise, what other paths are available to founders?

Martijn de Wever, CEO and founder, Floww
Rosh Wijayarathna, Managing director, JP Morgan, and Head of UK&I, Innovation Economy
Rishi Khosla OBE, CEO and cofounder, OakNorth
Amy O’Brien, Reporter, Sifted

Closing the funding gap: whose job is it?

Despite the attention given to how little funding goes to founders who aren’t pale and male, not much has changed. Is it time for VCs and investors to take responsibility? What can founders do to improve the fundraising environment for all?

Chantal Cox, Investor, Octopus Ventures
Sanghamitra Karra, EMEA head of Morgan Stanley inclusive ventures group, Morgan Stanley
Ramzi Rafih, Founder and general partner, No Label Ventures
Erika Brodnock, CEO, Kinhub
Kai Nicol-Schwarz, Reporter, Sifted

All about Ai

Sachin Dev Duggal, Cofounder and chief wizard,
Zuzanna Stamirowska, CEO and cofounder, Pathway
Oleg Rogynskyy, CEO and founder,
Konstantine Buhler, Partner, Sequoia
John Thornhill, Founder and editorial director, Sifted