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Startups hire just as fast as they scale to keep up with their expansion plans, but often times, don't have the time, budgets or knowledge to keep teams in their A-game. This means founders and start-up teams are catching themselves spreading themselves too thin, micromanaging and struggling with diminished productivity, engagement and staff retention. No wonder startups never become profitable! UJJI is like Duolingo, but for upskilling startup teams. Because we're all spinning plates in the startup world, UJJI has been developed as the easy, fun and cost-efficient way for equipping your teams with the skills required in fast-paced work environments. By piggybacking on our tools and devices, our startup dream teams can now explore gamified pathways across leadership, productivity, communication, adaptability and problem solving. So that training doesn't feel like another work task added to our plate. Let's work smarter. Not harder.
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