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La French Tech

The French Tech Mission is a government administration whose objective is to support the structuring and growth of the French startup ecosystem in France and globally. As part of the Directorate-General for Enterprise within the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, the Mission coordinates and oversees the French Tech ecosystem with its network of 17 Capitals and 98 Communities, in France and abroad. It also supports startups by making it easier for them to interact with the administration via a network of more than 60 French Tech contacts. The French Tech Mission supports the most mature startups through the French Tech Next40/120 program, as well as startups operating in sectors identified as strategic as part of the France 2030 plan with the French Tech 2030 program. Through the French Tech Tremplin and French Tech Rise programs, the French Tech Mission enables people without an entrepreneurial background to create their own startup anywhere in France, helps reducing gaps in funding, and promoting French Tech ecosystems throughout the country. Last but not least, in order to support the development of a competitive and efficient market, the French Tech Mission has created the program « Je choisis La French Tech » which aims at encouraging public administrations and corporates to buy solutions and innovations from French startups.
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