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OPLOG is a tech-enabled fulfillment company that helps businesses grow their brands worldwide, providing fast, reliable, and flexible fulfillment service. Connecting businesses with its software and robotic-powered warehouses through an intuitive cloud-based platform, OPLOG applies a tech-powered and customer-focused approach to fulfillment.

OPLOG is the ultimate source when it comes to omnichannel fulfillment. Fulfillment services provided for any size of B2B and B2C businesses make it simple to maximize their sales potential by utilizing multiple channels to fulfill customer orders. OPLOG has become the go-to solution for companies trying to streamline their operations and keep customers satisfied with consistent, high-quality service. With its expertise in managing multiple channels, OPLOG helps businesses achieve hypergrowth.

OPLOG enables brands to operate globally with its fulfillment network and real-time tracking in centers in Turkey, UK, and USA.

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