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Ana Maiques

Ana Maiques

CEO, Neuroelectrics
Ana Maiques is the CEO and co-founder of Neuroelectrics, a company aiming to change the way we interact with the brain, developing innovative technologies to monitor and stimulate the brain to help many patients in need. She received the Prize for Women Innovators from the European Commission EC in 2014 and one of the Most Inspiring Fifty Women in Europe. In 2022 she was awarded by Goldman Sachs as Entrepreneur of the Year. Neuroelectrics received the Best Start-up in Health 2015 bye Wired UK magazine and by 2016 Best Entrepreneurial Companies in USA. She is a proud Henri Termeer fellow and often declares she will be restless until Neuroelectrics technology will be used massively in the homes of millions of patients suffering from brain diseases. The company is now executing two FDA trials in epilepsy and depression and has developed novel computational neuroscience brain models, called Neurotwin (digital replica of the brain), that are allowing an unprecedented level of personnalisation in neurological and psychiatric diseases. She is very well know for always wearing the famous cap wherever she speaks and doing real time demos. She is a mother of fours and strong advocate on more diversity on the tech world, trying to inspire new generation of women to be leaders in their field.