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Donna Hackett

Donna Hackett

Head of commercial translation, Francis Crick Institute

Donna has more than 25 years' experience with a successful track record of wealth creation in commercialising life science technologies through deals including partnering of products and technologies and venture financing.
At the Crick she leads all commercial translation activity including spinning out Adendra Therapeutics, which has a commitment of up to $51 m from Apple Tree Venture, where she is the Crick’s board observer.
Previous roles include being on the executive team of Abzena plc as SVP IP Commercial and Legal Affairs, where she concluded partnering deals worth over $700m bio dollars plus royalties and was COO and executive board member of Stabilitech.

At UCL, she led BioPharm Technology Transfer and was instrumental in starting BioVex with the academic founders, securing the first three rounds of funding. BioVex was sold to Amgen for $1 billion and the product is on the market.