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Hamzah Selim

Hamzah Selim

Founder, Mindstep

Dr. Hamzah Selim studied medicine at UCL as well as BSc in Neuroscience & Mental Health at Imperial College London. Whilst being trained to be a doctor during the COVID-19 pandemic, Hamzah and his long-time friend, Dr. Aaron Lin, saw the devastating effects of brain & mental health conditions being diagnosed late, as well as a fragmented patient journey. Hence, Mindstep was founded to leverage cutting-edge Ai to build an end-to-end platform that offers clinical assessments, digital care solutions, and API integration, all aimed at streamlining the patient experience. Serving hundreds of thousands of users, Mindstep cover for over ten brain & mental health conditions, has a 4.7-star rating, and is backed by Octopus Ventures.