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Lars Maaløe

Lars Maaløe

Cofounder and CTO, Corti

Lars Maaløe is co-founder and CTO of Corti, a voice-based digital assistant powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence capable of understanding patients talking in natural language. Maaløe also holds an appointment as an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Technical University of Denmark. 

In the past, Maaløe has worked in the financial sector and with various tech companies such as Apple. Maaløe holds a Ph.D. in Machine Learning from the Technical University of Denmark. He was nominated for Ph.D. of the year by the Department for Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and has published at the world’s premier machine learning venues. His primary domain of expertise is utilizing deep generative models in unsupervised and semi-supervised learning to understand highly complex data sources, such as audio and images.