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Margarida Garcia

Margarida Garcia

VP of Operations, poolside
Margarida is a founding team member and VP of Operations at poolside. Before joining poolside, Margarida spent two years as a venture capitalist at Beacon Capital, primarily investing in early-stage deep tech companies. Prior to that, she served as COO at Lifebit, an AI genomics platform for developers, where she played a key role in growing the company from Day 0 to their $60M Series B round. Margarida's earlier experience includes working at source{d}, applying AI to code and software. In both source{d} and Lifebit, Margarida joined when the companies were Day 0 and only had its founders, while at Beacon Capital she was critical to raising their first fund. Next to her day jobs, Margarida helped raise over $100M in capital for founders she mentored.