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Mati Staniszewski

Mati Staniszewski

Cofounder, Elevenlabs

Mati is the co-founder of ElevenLabs - the world's leading text-to-speech Generative AI platform. ElevenLabs was founded in 2022 by Mati, an ex-Palantir deployment strategist, and his best friend, Piotr, an ex-Google machine learning engineer. Inspired by the 'poor' dubbing of Hollywood movies they watched growing up in their native Poland, the pair set about designing a platform which could eliminate the linguistic barriers of content.

ElevenLabs recently closed a $19m Series A funding round co-led by Nat Friedman, Daniel Gross and Andreessen Horowitz, having amassed over 1 million users for their platform since it launched in beta in January 2023.