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Sami Marttinen

Sami Marttinen

Cofounder and CEO, Swappie
Sami Marttinen is the co-founder and CEO of Swappie. In 2016, Sami set-up Swappie with a mission to become the leading European player in the refurbished smartphone sector. This came after Sami got scammed while buying a used phone from the Internet. He thought that there must be a better way to buy pre-owned electronics, sparking the initial idea for Swappie. He co-founded the company together with Jiri Heinonen, who he met while studying at Aalto University in Finland. A serial entrepreneur since 15 years old, Sami has worked at multiple factories, ran a construction company for 9 years, and co-founded Viking Shave Club. While not building the future of the circular smartphone economy, Sami enjoys spending time in the Finnish forest.