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Simi Lindgren

Simi Lindgren

Founder and CEO, Yuty
Simi Lindgren, CEO, founded Yuty in 2020 to revolutionise and democratise brand-customer relationships. Yuty elevates hyper-personalisation with proprietary AI, enabling brands to provide a seamless commerce experience that improves consumer shopping at every touchpoint.In an opt-out era, Yuty encourages brands to build long-term, meaningful relationships with customers. Its cutting-edge and intuitive digital platform lets brands create a personalised and frictionless commerce experience that resonates with their audience, driving brand loyalty and customer retention at scale. Simi Lindgren was named 2021 MT 35 Under 35, raised venture capital from the investors of Charlotte Tilbury and Papier, and was a recipient of the 2022 Google For Startups Black Founders Fund.