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Steven Meersman

Steven Meersman

Cofounder, Zenobe

Steven is one of the Founders of ZenobÄ“. He leads the EV team which aims to make the ecologically sustainable option also the financially sustainable one for fleet operators. In addition he’s responsible for Delivery, Operations and Product teams.

Prior to Zenobē, Steven spent nearly two decades between battery and traded energy commodity markets. He was a Global Head of Deals Desk at Trafigura where he led the commercial optimisation and market risk management teams for two refineries and over 30 import terminals and storage sites across Africa and Central America. Before this role, he was part of Oliver Wyman where he supported trading houses and utilities on optimising asset-backed trading strategies as well as investment and disposals of energy related infrastructure. He started his career in batteries as part of the team that set up AES Energy Storage (now Fluence).