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You already rely on Sifted journalism to keep you up to date with the industry, now let Sifted connect you with the European startup ecosystem in person.


The startup ecosystem is volatile — every day there are new products, strategies and tech launches. Cut through the noise and learn how to navigate a path to success.

  • Discover business tools and the best tech to propel your company 
  • Learn from diverse thought leaders who steered their startup to success
  • Connect with investors who are looking for their next opportunity
  • Network with other founders going through the same challenges as you and find inspiration from your peers

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The cogs of every business keep turning with the help of operators, builders and doers behind the scenes. There’s plenty of content to help you get inspired and achieve operational excellence.

  • Meet other senior operators and mentors who can guide you through new challenges and keep your head above water.

  • Share your ideas and discuss workplace trends with people who understand the real growing pains happening behind the scenes
  • Discover the roadmap to growth from companies who have already made the journey

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There are many innovative tech businesses out there looking for an investor that's the right fit. Grow your portfolio and connect with your portfolio companies and founders looking to raise capital.

  • Looking for the next big thing? From fintech to healthtech, climatetech to deeptech, founders from all industry sectors will come together under one roof. Be ready to scope out your next investment opportunity!
  • Learn from other investors who’ve taken leaps of faith that have paid off - or haven’t
  • Shed light on the emerging tech startup ecosystem and position your brand alongside some of the most creative minds in the industry

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50% of our audience is startups and scaleups. They can't grow without top tier infrastructure and business services - that's where you come in.

  • Meet 100's of potential new clients that would normally take you months to prospect
  • Join the inner circle of startup service providers 
  • Position your business as a no brainer for startups looking to scale
  • Fill your little black book with startups searching for the next best business tool
  • Build trust with connections quickly and drive maximum value in-person. You can have a month’s worth of meetings in just two days

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Make connections that will launch your startup, or find your next investment opportunity. Attendees include...